last day of the sale/first peeks at June

My car is now considerably less exciting, with four new tires and new brake rotors! Even the Infamous Subaru Heat Shield Rattle has been subdued, which means I no longer have to sing quite so loudly when I'm driving, which may minimize the number of times I don't actually hear Siri telling me to take the next exit until all of a sudden she's trying to convince me to make a u-turn on the interstate because I was busy singing harmonies and missed my exit. 

Cars are great. Super great. 

In completely unrelated news, the totally coincidental sale is on its last day! The coupon code is MAY, because I couldn't think of anything more original after all the excitement of the weekend. 25% off everything! 

(And I might've moved some stuff into the clearance section this morning before the caffeine kicked in, so you probably should go check that out. Unless you don't like saving money on shinies, in which case I don't know what to tell you.)

I've also been working on some new stuff that isn't on the site yet because it's not done, but you can have a couple of sneak peeks. First up, something sort of like this will show up just in time for Pride! Only with the rainbow going in opposite directions, because I decided after the fact that having both rainbows going the same way made me twitchy. 

Also I went supply shopping after the Ambien kicked in the other night, but it's okay, because people have been asking me for more hair ornaments, and it's a TOTAL coincidence that my hair is now long enough that I have to wear it pinned up most of the time. So many coincidences in my life lately, I tell you. 

 (This is my hair when it's down and in the mood to behave itself. It rarely wants to behave.) 

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