March roundup: new shinies, possible delays in April

Remember back when I used to work on shinies all week and then put them up on the website all at once? Last week I ended up having a bunch of short bits of work time when I could make one or two things, but I didn't have the time to photograph or upload them, so after the stack on my desk started getting a bit ridiculous I went "you know what, let's go old-school this week" and... uh, now I remember why I stopped doing that. 

ANYWAY! As of a few minutes ago, there are 21 new shinies (it was supposed to be 22, but one opal piece decided it needs to stay with me and who am I to argue with the whims of opals?) on the website. And tomorrow I'll go back to doing things one at a time rather than hoping to find a single uninterrupted block of time, because apparently those just don't exist anymore. 

Oh, and February Pretty Rocks Club is available for individual purchase. I think I forgot to mention that. 

In other news, it has been a very exciting couple of weeks here, and by "exciting" I mean "my child finally understands why I constantly tell her not to tip her barstool backwards when she's eating at the kitchen counter, and also I have a new stove." (She's fine; my sanity slightly less so.) And once the new stove was installed (which was drama unto itself, but I'll spare you the details) the rest of my kitchen started irritating me more than usual, and... I seem to be renovating the kitchen a year or two ahead of schedule. Ooops. But I get fun new power tools!

I'm pretty good at juggling house projects with work, so aside from the occasional day like today (it should NOT take three hours to reverse the door on a refrigerator) you probably won't notice much of a difference; work takes priority, as it should.

BUT! I'm getting my first vaccination on April 2nd, and because I am Very Medically Interesting, there's a distinct possibility that it will flatten me for a week or so. So I am preemptively scheduling myself off for the entire week following my first jab, and then again for the entire week following my second jab. With any luck I'll be one of the people who doesn't even get a sore arm (I wouldn't mind tentacles or a prehensile tail, though, and I'd REALLY like it if I turn out to be one of the long-haulers for whom the vaccine is a reset button because I AM VERY TIRED OF BEING TIRED) and can keep right on working, but... plan for the worst and hope for the best, right?

Speaking of tired, I am very tired and it has been a long day and tomorrow I get to start stripping eleventy-three layers of paint off my kitchen cabinets, so I'm off to bed. Enjoy the new shinies! 

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