Mask pre-order update: we're trying, I promise

Quick update on the masks: I don't have them yet, because 2020. (First there was the sewing through a finger, and then her serger got very exciting with sparks and stuff so she's waiting on a new power supply, and that's not even factoring in the part where she's a teacher and back-to-school went exactly as well as you think it did, which is to say it was a hot mess.) But she has some that are almost done - almost enough for me to be able to fill most of the orders - and is going to mail them to me as soon as they are done so I can start shipping. HOPEFULLY by next week? But 2020, so who knows.

(Many apologies for my radio silence - I've had a rough couple of weeks health- and migraine- and parenting-wise, on top of the Jewish High Holy Days. I have actually been trying to write this blog post since Tuesday morning. *facepalm*)

More news when I have it. But we haven't forgotten you and I absolutely WILL get them to you as soon as it's humanly possible! 

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