mask update: THEY'RE ALMOST HERE!

Huzzah! After many trials and tribulations, the masks are en route to me, and I have all the shinies ready to go and will be prepping the mailers tomorrow so all I have to do on Friday is shove in the masks and slap on the labels.

Thank you SO much for your patience with the long wait - we're pretty sure the masks aren't ACTUALLY cursed (I'm going to yell OUT, DEMONS, I CAST THEE OUT at the package before opening it, just to be on the safe side, though)  but we thought you might enjoy reading about the various exciting things that have been happening to our beloved mask-maker since the fabric arrived:

  • her water heater exploded and flooded her basement
  • she sewed through her finger 
  • one of her sewing machines started making pretty sparks!
  • a copperhead moved into her basement
  • she had to quarantine and get her brain probed (it wasn't covid, at least)

And once they were done and ready to be shipped, the excitement continued:

  • the post office changed their hours and didn't tell anybody!
  • she found another post office with longer hours but then her car decided starting was TOTALLY optional 
  • a vulture crashed through a window while she was at work
  • relatedly, she had to chase a vulture out of her attic with a curtain rod

(She texted me about the window and the vulture last night and I just went "...yeah sure why not" because at this point vultures in attics seem pretty much on-brand for 2020, honestly.)

So yeah. It took a lot longer than we expected, and you are all awesome for being patient, and I will get them to you just as soon as is humanly possible!

This morning I had an idea for a new mask-related product, so as with the mask chains, I'm testing the prototypes out on y'all - I had some leftover leaf beads and some coordinating flower beads, so I made a bunch of cute little charms and popped them onto the fancy safety pins I had left over from the mask chain project, and I'll be randomly tossing one into every order and you can decorate your mask with it if you want. (Or pin it to some other part of your clothing, or use it as a stitch marker, or whatever. It's multi-purpose!)

(I have not forgotten about putting the mask chains into production! I just, uh, keep forgetting to order the chain. I have written myself another note.)

I have other non-mask-related news, but I'll save that for next week, when the Big Anniversary Shenanigans Announcement happens...

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