(Usual TL;DR: blah blah blah taxes, therefore shinies on sale, coupon code TAXSALE18 = 30% off, no I don't know what's going on in this stock photo.)

Hello people of the intertubes! I seem to have successfully survived April 15th 17th 18th, although the jury is still out on whether or not I should be allowed to do anything more complicated than eating cheese and maybe putting on pants for the next couple of days. 

 See, unlike previous years when I’ve procrastinated until the very last possible second, this year I decided I was going to be An Actual Adult and start working on my taxes in January. And I did! I dutifully gathered up all my data and organized it and filled out the little worksheet thingie my accountant sends me every year (I only put "MATH???" as the answer to a question once) and there were spreadsheets and everything, and I got it in with time to spare! And then I waited.

And waited.

Aaaaand waited.

Aaaaaaaand... well. Let's just say that when I finally got the "please review and sign" email around noon on April 18th, I was already Very Cranky, and finding multiple major errors in my return didn't do anything to improve my mood. Particularly since one of them would have almost certainly gotten me audited.

But! There is actually a happy ending to this story, much to my surprise! Turbo Tax is pretty awesome, it turns out, and not only did I manage to do my own (fairly complicated) taxes in a matter of mere hours yesterday, for the first time since 1999 (which was the last time I was able to file a 1040EZ) without any tears and only a few too many jellybeans, I also discovered that I don't owe the IRS quite as much as I expected, because [complicated health insurance stuff], so... yay? Thank you, former accountant! I have gotten over my terror of doing my own taxes and will not require your services in the future!  

So yeah. That was my week. How are you? Have some jellybeans.

Unsurprisingly, I have not been making shinies. But that's okay, because it's time for the traditional "if you happen to have tax return money burning a hole in your pocket maybe you would like to buy some shinies?" sale, a.k.a. the "ouch that was a really big check I just wrote to the IRS" sale. (I'm subtle.) 

Coupon code TAXSALE18 takes 30% off everything (except subscriptions) until... oh, what the heck, let's go through Monday night. And I'll probably start moving stuff into the clearance section at some point this weekend, too.

And no, I have absolutely NO idea what's going on in that photo. I went looking for a tax-related stock photo, and I found that, and... yeah. 

P.S. I have new stickers, featuring Very Smol Dragon! They are absurdly cute and will be going into every package I send out starting this weekend. Just in case you need any more incentive to be like Very Smol Dragon.  

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