Monday Evening Roundup

HELLO MONDAY! I woke up with a worse-than-usual hand tremor this morning, so I ended up changing my plans for the day around a bit. The tremor is one of the lingering side effects of the brain tumor, and while I've gotten very good at working around it by just moving more slowly and/or bracing my forearms against a table, it still slows me down enough that I get easily frustrated. 

Not much happened last week thanks to Rosh Hashanah, although I did finish up a couple of awesome custom orders including a spooky version of a Victorian Circus necklace, and I got in a shipment of fall-themed charms, some of which made it into earrings already: [pomegranates] [pumpkins] [garlic]

Somewhere before Rosh Hashanah I did yet more inventory organizing, so now you can see JUST the available earrings! Or pendants! Or bracelets! Or necklaces!

(No, I still haven't found more of the Victorian Circus beads, but I did find a source for vintage beads in similar styles, and I'll probably be ordering those tonight while I wait for my Ambien to kick in. WHEEE BEADS. Might also order some opals, too. We'll see.)

Yom Kippur starts tomorrow night, so I'm preemptively blocking out the rest of the week for that plus recovery, because Yom Kippur is basically three operas back to back and on top of that I seem to somehow be running sound now too? I might be back at work on Friday but I'm not counting on it; Rosh Hashanah knocked me out for a full day longer than I expected, which I blame on the excitement of discovering that the rabbi's microphone was broken AFTER she started the service.

(And by excitement I mean I ordered backup microphones for both the rabbi and cantor as soon as I got home and also now soundchecks are mandatory and must be done at least half an hour before sunset.)

ANYWAY. I will be shipping tomorrow morning, so any orders that come in by the time I get home from taking the short person to school should go out by noonish. After that, expect delays; I'll either be singing or asleep or possibly both. Hopefully not troubleshooting mysteriously non-working microphones, though. 

(If this post is more disjointed than usual, it's because I was trying to play Go Fish with the short person. She won, but I'm pretty sure she cheats.)

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