Monday Morning... er, Afternoon... Roundup: Is It September Yet?

I know, it's not morning anywhere in the US anymore, but in my defense the short human had her school physical this morning and then grocery shopping needed to happen and shipping needed to happen and I am TIRED, y'all, but I am also trying to be consistent, so I'm doing a blog post! Like a grownup! Who is very tired!

  • I got sandalwood beads last week! They smell AMAZING. Well, the green ones do. The purple ones don't have much of a smell, but they're pretty. (However they do NOT have a good flavor, and I'm not saying how I know that.)

  • A couple weeks ago I got some very cool electroplated lava beads that remind me of asteroids, and I've been having a lot of fun with those. 

  • The Morning Wire Meditations project continues to teach me new things about working with wire, and people seem to be liking the results, so I'm going to stick with it for... let's say at least the end of the year? Maybe it will be a permanent thing, I don't know. 

  • I will be doing an open-to-the-public Magpie Party in the not-exactly-a-secret Facebook group (which you should join if you haven't already) this weekend, starting Thursday and running through Monday. If you're considering hosting a party this fall and want to see what it's all about, here's your chance... or you can just come hang out and oogle shinies and watch me be ridiculous on a livestream and maybe snag something in one of the giveaways!

  • ...I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something but I have no idea what because ACK THIS HUMIDITY HAS MELTED MY BRAIN somebody please come take it away. (I moved out of Florida for a REASON, y'all.) I'm sure I will remember at 2 in the morning.
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