Monday Morning Roundup: birthday week extended

(actual photo of me wondering why I even bothered to get out of bed on my birthday)

Okay, so last week there were four days of totally NOT made-up-as-I-went-along coupon codes that were supposed to lead up to a big sale on my actual birthday on Friday. Except Friday was a Terrible Horrible Very Bad No Good Day, and I ended up sending it to its room to think about its life choices. And then the weekend happened, and there was cheesecake and an art museum and dancing and then on Sunday I was deeply regretting MY life choices, especially the dancing in 3 inch heels part.

THEREFORE, I am declaring that Monday is the new Friday, and for the next 24 hours everything on the website is 25% off. Also shipping is free in the US and discounted by $3 for everybody in other countries on all orders over $15. You'll need to use coupon code BIRFDAY25 at checkout, and it's good until noon tomorrow.

Other things of note today:

  • The Awesome Beads that I ordered for May's earring club are SUPPOSED to arrive by 8pm tonight. I will be very cross if that doesn't happen, but they are definitely in this country, and the thing I have planned for them will be super fast to do (I'm opting on the side of "awesome stones, minimal wirework" this month) so hopefully everybody's orders should go out tomorrow. Well. Everybody whose billing day falls in the first half of the month, anyway. 

  • Also theoretically arriving sometime this week, I hope: static window clings featuring a variant of the adorable MINE! dragon that you may have seen on stickers last year! I am super excited for these. Only 50 are being made, and when they're gone they're gone; I'm probably going to actually put them on the website as a free item for you to add to your cart so you can get one if you want one or not get one if you don't want one. (I can English.) I'm also working on a new sticker design that will probably be out next month.

  • I have also plotted out June's earring club and just ordered the materials for that, and unlike May these beads are a) coming from California not the other side of the world and b) I planned ahead this time GO ME. As usual I'm not saying what it is, but if you like things that are color-shifty and/or purple you might want to get in on the magical automatic shiny delivery service.

...I think that's all the news I've got for today, but I haven't had enough coffee yet so who knows? 

Wait, no, I lied. Speaking of not enough coffee... I just came really close to accidentally selling a pair of my personal earrings. *facepalm*

See, this weekend when I was clearing out some of the clutter under my workbench, I discovered a pair of long-since-sold-out obsidian earrings without earwires. "Huh, that's odd. Guess I accidentally made an extra pair of these at some point? Or maybe I made up a pair and they fell off my desk *eyes cats* and I forgot that I'd already made them and assumed I'd mis-counted somewhere so I just made another pair?"

This IS a thing that happens occasionally, so I shrugged and tossed them into the bowl where I keep finished shinies that need to be put on the website.

Fast forward to this morning, when I was going through the bowl: "Hey, I should really wear my pair of this design more often. Maybe I'll go put them on now. Wait, why isn't my pair on any of my earring holders? And come to think of it, why is this pair slightly shorter than the version that was on the website? Wait. These ARE mine."

...I still don't know how they ended up under my workbench with no earwires attached, though. Maybe I was in the process of changing the earwires (I had a batch of leverbacks that I bought for myself last year that turned out to be too delicate to withstand my hair, so it's possible) and got distracted by something shiny? In any case, hey, I found my obsidian earrings! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go remove a cat from a box of beads. AGAIN.

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