Monday Morning Roundup: impending vacation and Smol Pantherversary


(okay maybe four or five sleeps because let's be real, naps are a thing I do)

Aaaaaaaaanyway. I'm going to Wisconsin on Thursday for a music retreat, which is something I kind of desperately need right now because the world is awful and being a single parent is exhausting and winter is rapidly approaching and I'm tired, y'all.

I'll be spending the next couple of days wrapping up custom labradorite orders (if you called dibs on a piece of labradorite and haven't told me what you want it to be yet, speak now or hold your peace for a week) and getting shinies out the door. I've got a few new things going up on the website later today, including some really pretty carved peach and silver moonstone leaves and a couple of black opals) and maybe some more opal earrings, we'll see.

Also! Today is a momentous day! Three years ago on this very day, Smol Panther arrived on our doorstep, attitude and all: 

"NO MORE CATS" I said sternly, as I let the child put out a bowl of kibble for the skinny creature who was twining around our ankles and mewing pathetically when we got home from school.

"NO MORE CATS" I said as my roommate and I conferred about what to do with a declawed black cat who showed up on our doorstep two days before Halloween.

"NO MORE CATS" I said as we scooped up her up and brought her inside and quarantined her in my office for the weekend to keep her safe. 

"NO MORE CATS" I said the following Monday as we bundled a bitey ball of black fur into a carrier and took her to the SPCA to have her scanned for the microchip that she didn't have. 

"NO MORE CATS" I said a week later as I took her to the vet for a checkup and shots so I could bring her out of quarantine in my office. 

...yeah, I lost that battle. 

When I get home from Wisconsin next week, the anniversary shenanigans will commence! WS is turning 13 this year, and... I have not figured out what I'm doing yet, as is the custom apparently. But there will be a sale, and some livestreaming, and it'll be fun, because it always is. 

Okay. Back to the workbench! 



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