Monday Morning Roundup: sneezing version

(actual photo of me trying to get anything done in the month of April)

HIIIIIIIIIIII so uh April happened? I don't know either. But hey, for once I got my taxes done on time, despite getting sick not once but twice this month. THANK YOU DARLING CHILD, but when I said "share that with your mother" I was talking about the chocolate, not germs.

I'm honestly not sure what happened last week, because it was school vacation week, aka the week when I resign myself to living in chaos and watching a whole lot of tv. Although now that I've gotten the Tiny Evil Genius hooked on Doctor Who, at least it's good tv? I am a more than a little concerned that her favorite character so far is River Song, though. 

  • I let the Tiny Evil Genius and her BFF put things on sale! They were mostly pretty sensible about it, but a few things got REALLY good prices because, well, they're 8 and 7 and they might have had sugar. 

  • I bought diamonds for the first time ever! Diamonds are super sparkly and I kinda want to put them on everything. 

  • I also got some labradorite and opal and moonstone beads for an earring design that I've had in mind for a while and the photos really don't do a very good job of capturing how nifty these are. (I wear my pair constantly.)

  • There's still the better part of $400 available if you are a transgender/non-binary/gender non-conforming/etc person who would find a shiny thing helpful in exploring or affirming your identity. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, I am loving getting to send things to people who couldn't otherwise afford it! 

  • I made a pendant called "D is for 'Doorway'" that may be one of the best things I've ever made, and I'm pretty sure it's actually a portal of some sort so y'know, wear it at your own risk? 

  • You can now get any pair of earrings turned into clip-on earrings, if you don't have holes poked in your head. In two varieties of pinchiness, even! (HUSH SIRI THAT IS SO A WORD.)

Probably some other things happened, but between the sudafed and the antihistamines and the cough medicine I am NOT all here today, let me tell you. But at least vacation week is over so the little plague-bearer is back at school with all her other germ-ridden friends and oh heck it all I'm just going to be sick forever, aren't I?

(Don't worry, I wash my hands a LOT, as my poor ragged cuticles can attest. Also I'm pretty sure germs can't survive for the length of time it takes the USPS to get my packages from point A to point B, and I promise I don't lick any of the shinies.)

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