Monday Morning Roundup, snow day edition

It's been a minute since I did one of these, huh?

  • I'm getting back to putting new shinies on the website  - I'm aiming for at least a few things each day, but sometimes life happens. I added a bunch of stuff yesterday, but a lot of it's sold already because y'all are FAST with the social media clicking. 

  • There are new stickers! I've done this design before, but this version is bigger, so there's even more holo shiny goodness. They're free (one to a person, please) with any order, just add it to your cart before you check out.

  • January Pretty Rocks Club can be ordered by non-subscribers! I also haven't gotten around to taking any of 2020 down yet, so if you also procrastinated on getting any of those, it's not too late. Probably I'll get around to it at some point this month.

  • ...and apropos of very little, last month I impulse-bought a vintage Oxford English Dictionary. (Is it actually still an impulse purchase if it's something you've wanted for 30+ years?) I am delighted with it, even if it doesn't exactly fit on my desk:

(Art: "Gene Angel" is by M.C.A. Hogarth, and the woodpecker etching is by a local artist named Ty Meier.)

Okay, off I go to pack up orders and attempt to convince my child to wear pants (It is currently 18 degrees outside and 65 degrees inside and she is mad because I don't want to hear whining about being cold unless she's appropriately dressed including socks) and then probably play with labradorite for a while...

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