Monday Morning Roundup: so many plants edition

One of my favorite hobbies is rearranging furniture (which is a rather unwise choice of hobbies for somebody with hEDS, seeing as how it usually ends with some spectacular bruises and an equally rearranged skeleton, but as usual I digress) and a few weeks ago I decided I was tired of working in this corner of the living room and relocated the studio into the bay window instead, and I think it's my favorite workspace EVER, actually. With the windows open I get a lovely cross-breeze and hardly ever need to turn on the air conditioner anymore, plus there's a female hummingbird who visits the honeysuckle in the front garden several times a day, and I also have a front-row seat for the entertainment provided by the small children who live across the street.

(Mom: “What do we do when we’re mad at someone? Do we have a conversation about it, or do we throw things at them and push them off the swing?”

Small Human, very indignantly: “THROW!!”)

Another bonus: the natural light is FANTASTIC over here, so I can now surround myself with plants when I'm at work. I, uh... tend to have a lot of plants, and a few more followed me home this weekend. And by a few I mean ten.

(In my defense, all but one was in the clearance section! But my child has informed me that she's going to take away my wallet if I buy any more plants this week, and she's probably not wrong.)

Speaking of my child, she is blessedly at camp this week, which means NO ONE IS TALKING TO ME RIGHT NOW. And I am about to go be very very productive until I have to go retrieve her at 5:30!

Other than the plants, the only other thing of note that happened this past week is that I've started a new morning practice of experimenting with scraps of wire the first time I sit down at the workbench each day. The rules I've set for myself are that I can only use scraps of leftover wire - I can't cut extra from my spools, and no beads or stones get used - and I have to push myself to think outside the box. It's proving to be quite interesting; if you want to take a look at what I've been doing, here's the collection so far.

...and while it technically isn't morning anymore, it IS about to be the start of my workbench time for the day, so I'm off to see what scraps I left myself yesterday and what they turn into.

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