Monday Morning Roundup: super organized edition

As pretty much everybody knows by now, I have all the short-term memory of a squirrel on crack, because brain damage and also AHAHAHAHA WHAT SLEEP. So when Facebook's advertising algorithms recently decided to show me a planner designed specifically for people living with chronic illness and/or executive function issues, I was deeply intrigued. And then I fell down an Instagram rabbit hole lined with washi tape and color-coding and I may possibly have invested in a rather large set of erasable gel pens which are DEFINITELY a legitimate business expense SHUT UP THEY ARE TOO and also this thing is impressive because a migraine took me out for a couple of days last week and I STILL got a lot done. 

  • A lot of what I made last week promptly sold (y'all are FAST with the clicking and buying) but a few pieces are still left, including a restock of the dainty sapphire pieces that went WOOOSH out the door the first time I listed them.

  • Earring Club is running late this month, because I ordered something really really nifty for it but the package is currently in *checks tracking for the eleventeenth time* Germany, where it has been for two days now. *taps foot impatiently* If it doesn't get here in a couple of days I'll go to my backup plan and save this for next month, but I'm really hoping it does because EEEEEE PRETTY ROCKS.

  • My birthday is Friday and I am turning a prime number! As is traditional, there will be a sale, and since I believe in celebrating birthdays for at least a week, it's starting now with everything in clearance being BOGO41%OFF (buy one, get a second item at 41% off) all day today if you use coupon code BIRFDAY1 at checkout.

  • (Also a few things on the site might get marked down to $41 over the course of the week because why not.)

  • Today's agenda also includes posting the new shinies that I didn't get around to photographing this weekend - including a spectacular pair of long dangly diamond and opal earrings that are one-of-a-kind, and a pendant with Victorian mourning glass and thermally-reactive color changing beads. 


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