Monday Morning Roundup: the inventory bins overfloweth

Me, upon reading Marie Kondo's advice to only have 30 books: *OHNONONOCAT.gif*

Me, upon trying to cram the latest shinies into the inventory bins and failing: "TIME FOR A SALE!"

(Shush. I'm allowed to have double standards sometimes. Books don't count as clutter. Neither does yarn. Or plants. Or beads. Or art supplies. Or earrings. Or... okay, fine, I'm a packrat, but I'm a very ORGANIZED packrat. Usually. Sometimes. Mostly.)

ANYWAY. I have too many shinies, which means YOU don't have enough shinies. Or something? And to fix this, I have poked at the website and now everything in the clearance section is buy one get one free, or BOGO as the cool kids on Instagram say. (I'm old, as my child likes to point out at every opportunity.) No coupon code necessary, the cart will work some sort of magic for you. And you don't need to stop at one! Buy two, get two free. Buy twenty, get twenty free. You be you, I won't judge.

(I'll just be over here organizing my own earring collection.)

There's... not much else to report, because last week involved a lot of Things That Are Not Work, and also aliens invaded my sinuses and I spent most of the weekend napping. Which is what I will probably do after lunch too.

Oh, wait, I keep forgetting something! It's time for me to start scheduling Magpie Parties for the fall and winter!

...what's a Magpie Party, you ask? Well, it's kind of like those parties you keep getting invited to by that one friend who's forever starting a new career selling vibrators or leggings or whatever, only without the high-pressure sales pitches because eh, buy some shinies or just look at pretty rocks with me, it's all good!  And also all of the money goes to an actual person who is selling things that she made with her own two hands (that would be me) and also you don't even need to wear pants because it's all online.

(I actually CAN do the parties in person if you're within driving range of me, and for those everyone is encouraged to please wear pants, or a skirt, or something.)

If you think you can lure at least 15-20 Facebook friends into looking at shinies with you, all you need to do is invite people - I take care of the rest. Everybody who orders gets a free gift, there are multiple giveaways, and the host gets a percentage of the profits in store credit. 

I'll do a public one in the Magpies Facebook group later this month so you can see how they work before you commit, but if you think you might be interested, get in touch and we can start looking at dates. I generally do these from late September through early December, since they're great for holiday shopping.

Okay. Now lunch. Then nap. Shinies later, maybe.

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