Monday Morning Roundup, with really really elaborate necklace

It's unusual for me to do something of this scale that isn't a commission, but last week was a BAD pain week, and by the time Friday rolled around I was all out of brain and running entirely on coffee, ibuprofen, and cheese.

So I grabbed some beads and loaded up NCIS on Netflix.

And started putting them together. At first I figured it was going to be on the dramatic side, but not THAT wild, y'know?

The beads had other ideas. As in "go find more beads, this won't be enough."

Look, I just work here.

By the time I had to leave to go get the short person from school, it was most of the way done.

I spent another hour or so that night working on it (this time with Star Trek Voyager for company, because having finished Doctor Who I am now continuing the short person's sci-fi education by making sure that she's Team Star Trek and not Team Star Wars (don't @ me) and while I personally will always be a NextGen girl, I figured the somewhat faster pacing of Voyager was more likely to hold the attention of Little Miss Oh Look A Butterfly. Also Janeway is an excellent Strong Female Hero and we like those around here.

What was I saying? Right, necklace. Anyway. It's done, and it's up on the website, and wow is it something.

It's not the biggest thing I've ever made - I'm pretty sure the record for that is still held by the Autumn Faerie Necklace of 2007 - but it's up there. Despite its size, it's surprisingly comfortable to wear! 

There's not much else to report from last week, since like I said, all the pain ever. (I had three solid weeks of daily migraine activity that finally ended on Thursday. I know what caused it and I'm better now, but it was not fun.) Shipping continues on Earring Club, and I've got some fun new beads that will make their debut later today.

Also the short person has a couple of weeks off camp now, so if you've been wanting custom Tiny Evil Genius Earrings, this is your chance - her commission queue is open. They're usually $15/pair for glass beads, and a third of that goes into savings and a third into her fun money, which is currently earmarked for... more Legos, I think? I'm not sure. She's also starting to do very simple pendants, which are in the $10-$15 range.

(My commission queue is also open, I might add. No minimum at the moment, and usually pretty fast turnaround time unless I need to order materials.)

I think that's all the news for today. Happy Monday! Only 10 more days until Mercury Retrograde is over! Yes I am currently wearing hematite bracelets on both wrists, thank you for asking.

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