Monday Morning roundup, with videos

Hello Monday! I, uh, missed a couple of weeks, but it's okay, nothing particularly interesting happened most of the time, aside from making this really pretty purple custom necklace: 

and a whole bunch of teensy vine pendants with opals for gifties:

And now it's Monday again and I've had a chai and assembled my new storage shelf for my bead cases and can't procrastinate any longer before actually starting to work, so here's a link roundup in handy list format:

(Let's just pretend that I closed the living room doors to keep the robot vacuum from wandering off and not to hide the fact that my child and her cat created a huge mess of art supplies in the dining room this weekend, okay? Great, good talk.)

Also continuing the trend of "I'm 40 and maybe I can actually afford to slowly start furnishing the house in something other than Curb-Dived Starving Artist Eclectic" I splurged a little on this mid century modern tray to go with my victorian writing-desk-turned-workbench (look, I'm still an artist, just not a starving one anymore) and it fits perfectly on my lap and is super useful for holding things while I'm working: 

(Also the pottery bowl holding spools of wire is something I utterly fell in love with at an art show a long time ago only to have my ex break it the same afternoon. She apologized profusely and promised to fix it so I could at least use it as a planter or something, but never did. I found the bag of shards in the basement recently and glued them back together and at some point I will gild the cracks because symbolism.)

Today's plan for work involves opals (in gold and copper, because I have stunning yellow opals and it's autumn) and labradorite (if you dibs'd something and haven't told me what you want it to be, now would be a good time to do that) and binge-watching Madam Secretary. (Can I please request a transfer to that timeline? I like it better than this one.)

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