monthly (?!) roundup: wait how is September

I have been trying to write this post for weeks now, but life keeps happening. I'm not sure how 2020 is simultaneously managing to be both the longest year ever while leaving me feeling like I've missed six months of my life, but not much of anything makes sense this year so sure, who needs linear time anyway?

Let's see: on the personal side of things we've had the start of the (home)school year, which is actually going really well even if my child did get so mad at her math assignment that she stabbed herself in the ribs with a pencil this morning while yelling about how she didn't like the layout of the page (no I don't know either, but she's fine) and because 2020, I also got to spend all of last week dealing with a rusted-out main sewer line, because evidently one basement flood and a new hot water heater wasn't quite enough plumbing excitement for one year.

[Actual photo of me all last week]

On the work side of things, I've been trying to kick production back up to something approximating my pre-covid normal, and shipping is running more or less on time - Pretty Rocks Club is on target to ship tomorrow, huzzah! I've also been engaging in a whole lot of labradorite therapy and opal therapy, and while a lot of pieces have been yoinked almost as soon as I got them listed, there's still a fair bit up for grabs, with more coming this week. I particularly like this one - be sure to take a look at the video to see just how stunning the red flash actually is:

The masks are getting very close to done - they've been delayed by Jennifer going back to work, which has been even more stressful and exhausting than you'd probably expect (she's a teacher) so as soon as I finish with Pretty Rocks Club this week, I'll be cranking out the flower and leaf shinies. Thanks for your patience - I've seen photos and these are going to be just as awesome as the plague doctor ones!

(And yes, I will be releasing the mask chains for purchase - I just need to order the supplies and figure out pricing. Soon!)

Other scheduling things of note - Rosh Hashanah starts on Friday evening, but since everything is online this year and I'm not doing my usual choir + chanting Torah + leading the alternate afternoon services, I don't expect the High Holy Days to be anywhere as exhausting as usual - expect very minor delays here and there, and I won't be answering emails etc on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. 

Okay, I think that's about all the news I have, so I'm headed back to playing with sapphires and rubies while I wait for my instacart order to arrive - I hope you're all holding up as well as possible, and staying as safe as possible, and generally doing okay under the circumstances.

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