On Vacation

Earlier this week I realized that stress was eating me alive, because, well… *handwaves vaguely at everything* and when I found myself sitting at my desk trying to work but instead texting a friend that I was going to stress-buy an entire litter of Labrador puppies and quit my job and move into the woods to become a feral bog witch I decided that just possibly mmmmmmmaybe I needed a break. An actual break, not just the “well I took three sick days this week because [insert unpredictable health condition here] and now I feel like a slacker” nonsense I usually try to convince myself is adequate. 

SO! I am on vacation through Rosh Hashanah, which ends September 9th. You’re welcome to place orders while I’m gone, but shipping won’t resume until September 10th. I may occasionally look at my work email, but for the most part I plan to be out in the garden. Or napping. Or sometimes both, since I have a hammock. 

Also I know that Talk Like A Pirate Day has kind of become one of those dorky things that people used to do back in the dark ages of the internet, but you know what? I am a dork. And I had a lot of fun doing the Pirate Rummage Sale every year, so batten down the hatches, mateys, and we’ll set sail in search of plunder on September 19th. 

…and now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do battle with the weeds. 

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