Organize ALL the things???

Yes. Yes I did.

Two or three times on rather a lot of it, even, because apparently the save button on the bulk editor thingie actually means "start saving but don't give any indication that going to the next page will cause all your work to be lost" NO I'M NOT CRANKY WHY DO YOU ASK.

Anyway. Today I finally got around to organizing every blessed thing on this website by what type of thing it is, which means an oft-requested feature is finally available: you can look at JUST the available earrings! Or pendants! Or bracelets! Or necklaces!

(Eventually I'll figure out a way to make it show a miscellaneous category too, for stuff like hair toys and rings and whatsits. But I'm all out of brain right now and the filtering options available to me are... kind of terrible, honestly.)

I will probably be working a bit tomorrow, but then I'll be offline from Sunday through Tuesday for Rosh Hashanah, and probably Wednesday too because basically I'm singing three operas and also I'm in charge of the new sound system so I'm pretty sure I will need to be asleep on Wednesday. 

(Shanah Tovah to those of you also celebrating! The rest of you, uh... happy second week of September, I guess?), have a cat in a box. 

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