Pay-it-forward, labradorite edition

About two years ago, I got a small package in the mail from an unfamiliar European address. Inside was a set of beautiful labradorite beads, and a very sweet note thanking me for some advice about jewelry making that I’d given this person several years previously. I barely remember sending the email - it was during the worst of the brain tumor years - but apparently what I’d said had been helpful and when she saw the labradorite beads she decided to get them and send them to me.

That note has been sitting in my stack of “I really need to respond to this” papers ever since, and every so often I come across the labradorite beads and think “I really need to do something with these” - but I never got around to either. 

Yesterday was a rough day for me, and while I was packing a work kit to take with me for the evening, I opened the bead box that the labradorite was in and felt compelled to take a couple of beads with me. Once I started setting them, I realized what I needed to do with them: keep paying it forward. 

Really good labradorite like this has gotten very expensive in the past few years, which means pendants like these are usually $95+, and I know that’s out of the reach of a lot of my customers. So to keep paying the gift forward, I’m putting these up for essentially just the price of the setting. If you buy one, all I ask is that you find a way to do something nice for somebody else at some point in the next few years. 

The first two are up here, with three more to follow soon:

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