Pretty Rocks Club 2021: it's gonna get weird

Signups are now open for Pretty Rocks Club 2021, aka Wyrding Gets Weirder, as you can see from the schedule:

January: really really old stuff
(ammonite and coprolite go look it up I'll wait)

February: ...blood?

March: bark at the moon
(arfvedsonite and astrophylite)

April: NO LICK! part 1
(you'll get splinters)

May: all that glitters is probably mica
(biotite & aventurine)

June: forgeries and other nonsense
(stuff that looks like other stuff except no)

July: disappointing opals
(opals, but not the sparkly kind)

August: NO LICK! part 2
(it probably won't kill you but let's not find out)

September: talk like a pyrite month
(does what it says on the tin)

October: probably not haunted
(phantom quartz)

November: stuff with stuff in it
(rutile and other inclusions)

December: NO LICK! part 3
(your tongue will get stuck like that)

You can also still purchase individual months from this year! January is sold out and December won't be up until after I ship it to subscribers, but the rest are still available: February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November

Also! This is what happened when I took the first 12 months of Pretty Rocks Club and crammed it into a single necklace:

It's not for sale, but you can enter to win it! Details and a video at the bottom of this page
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