Rainy day reflections

Fifteen years ago yesterday was my first day of Not Dealing With That Drama Ever Again! Or as we now call it, the Official Anniversary of Wyrding Studios, which isn't actually observed until November 1st Because Reasons. 

For many years I thought I'd given notice on October 15th and gone full-time somewhere around November 1st, but I stumbled across old journals from 2005 this morning and it turns out I actually rage-quit on a random Monday in September and gave them far more notice than they deserved* and my last day was October 15th, only I wasn't actually ABLE to work that day because I had strep and thus my official first full-time day was October 18th, and after a number of subsequent years where I was once again too sick to work in late October I eventually just decided to make the official anniversary November 1st.

So there's your random WS history for the day! Along with a reminder that the Anniversary Shenanigans are rapidly approaching, and I have no idea what they'll be this year but at some point in the next two weeks I'll figure it out.

...which is basically my entire business plan, actually, and has been all along: no clue what I'm doing, ask me again in two weeks and probably I'll have figured it out. Assuming I didn't get distracted by a shiny object and completely forget what I was doing, which is ALSO a distinct possibility.

Speaking of getting distracted by a shiny object, last night I impulse-bought a labradorite squirrel figurine because HOW COULD I NOT ONCE I KNEW SUCH A THING EXISTED and I'm honestly slightly concerned about how much time I'll lose to going "oooooh shiny" at a literal shiny squirrel. But I mean... LABRADORITE SQUIRREL! The only thing that would be even more appropriate would be a labradorite crow figurine, and, uh... I maybe might have looked and couldn't find one. 

In other news, the masks will be shipped tomorrow (after many trials and tribulations!) and Jennifer CLAIMS there won't be a baby raccoon in the box (a mama raccoon has taken to dropping off her babies outside Jennifer's bedroom window and then mama goes and hangs out on the roof for a while and oh man do I relate to mama raccoon some days) and I'm not entirely sure I believe her but YAY MASKS NEXT WEEK! I have all the shinies done and will pack those up on Monday so all I need to do when the package arrives is stuff masks in and seal them up. 

Pretty Rocks Club is shipping tomorrow or Monday at the very latest, unless you're also getting a mask & its shinies, which I think is... *eyes PRC envelopes on desk* three people? My apologies for it being late again this month; it turns out that getting a flu shot when you're still dealing with long-haul covid is, uh... not so fun actually. 


Speaking of Pretty Rocks Club: yes, it is ABSOLUTELY returning in 2021, it's going to be super fun, and signups will open in December with current subscribers getting first dibs and then it being opened to the general public a few days later. Also there miiiiiiiiight be a really good deal on the pre-paid option during the anniversary sale at some point JUST SAYIN'.

Okay. Time for lunch, then tourmaline! So many pretty colors of tourmaline. 

* I came into work on a Monday morning and discovered 27 emails from someone who thought she was my boss (she wasn't), each one nastier than the last and many of them directly contradicting things from previous emails. I forwarded all 27 of them to my boss and followed that with my letter of resignation and that, my friends, is how I became a full-time purveyor of shiny objects.

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