<s>halfway</s> 13/18ths of the way to robot overlord status

The Tiny Evil Genius now has $80 in her Robot Fund, and I let her go bead shopping on Monday.

She has excellent taste. And by excellent, I mean expensive. 

(Well done, child. I, too, have extremely expensive taste - when I was 14 and shopping for my first good guitar I tried and rejected any number of multi-thousand-dollar guitars as "not good enough" - but luckily beads are cheaper than guitars. Usually.)

(The Tiny Evil Genius is packing the orders herself. How many six-year-olds can put both "hands-on jewelry design and product development skills" and "extensive experience with order fulfillment, inventory control, shipping, and logistics" on their resume?)

...I was going to tell you that we just put another five pairs of earrings on the website this morning and that you should go check them out, but, uh, they're sold now. Which means she's up to $130 in her Robot Fund, and I'd suggest planning to get on her good side because the Robot Apocalypse is definitely going to be upon us soon at this rate. 

No, I lied, there are two pairs left. For the moment. Don't worry, I'll have her make more. She likes beads and money, and I like not having to listen to commentary on Minecraft, so it's pretty much a win-win situation.

In the meantime, may I suggest some of the shinies I've made? I, too, make earrings! I made some about spacefaring owls the other day, and I really, really want somebody to write the science fiction story that I'm pretty sure needs to happen now. 

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