Share a wishlist, get $5...

...because marketing is mostly just thinly disguised bribery. #verythinlydisguised #atleastImhonest 

AHEM. Right. This is why I'm probably supposed to have a marketing department that isn't me and my lack of brain-to-mouth (or brain-to-hands, technically) filters.

Anyway. Through the end of the month, if you create a wishlist and share it on social media, you can get a $5 coupon code, which you can either use yourself or give to anyone who inquires as to what you might like for $WINTERHOLIDAY and/or any other upcoming celebrations that might be cause for gift-giving. 

Just email me ( a link to the post, or a screenshot if it's not a public post, and I'll email you back your coupon code. 

Smol Panther encourages you to join her in coveting the shinies.



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