spring cleaning sale! also assorted update

So... yeah. Still working on the whole "trying to get back to normal after COVID-19" thing, and, uh... I'm getting better at being realistic about how much I can't do, at least? A few days ago I came to the very disconcerting realization that this is actually taking longer and affecting me significantly more than recovering from brain surgery did, so that put things in perspective a little.

(I am one of those people who Has To Be Doing Things At All Times, and when I can't I get very very twitchy.)

So! Since I can't literally do all the spring cleaning that I want to do, it's time for a clearance sale! Everything in the clearance section is on sale, 25% off, and I'll be moving more items over as time and energy permit. No coupon code needed, the discount will show up in your cart automatically. And as always, shipping is free on US orders of $35 or more...

(Shipping is running slightly slower than usual, but not by much, because that's what I'm prioritizing at the moment.)

Other things of note: 

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