Status report: all systems finally normal!

Three weeks to the day after I woke up with no sense of taste or smell, things finally feel normal around here! I triaged my shipping queue on Sunday and most pending orders went out yesterday, with the rest going out this afternoon; from here on out I expect shipping to be more or less normal and new shinies should start showing up tomorrow or maybe even later today if I drink enough coffee. 

Thanks to the very patient tech support crew at Bold Commerce, subscriptions are more or less functional as well - we're still working on getting the pop-up window to behave itself for desktop users, but if you click all the way through (either by clicking on the title of the product on the collection page or scrolling down to the "view product details" link on the pop-up window) to the individual product, you should now be able to subscribe to the Earring Club - if you've been contemplating doing that anyway, and want to test it out for me, anybody who subscribes today or tomorrow (April 14th and 15th) will get not one but TWO pairs of earrings in their first shipment!  For a mere $5!

(Six Months of Shinies should be working properly too, and while that doesn't come with discounted first month, if you sign up today or tomorrow I'll toss an extra shiny into your first order!)

Okay. Time for more coffee, and finishing up some subscriptions, and then if I have any energy left after orders are off to the post office maybe I'll livestream while I work on new shinies tonight. We'll see.

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