Status Report: nope, still not working

So I'm mostly recovered from the plague! This is excellent! Or it would be, if not for the fact that I kept thinking I was fine and then I'd take my temperature and the low-grade fever would be back, and then I'd say bad words and grumpily add another 72 hours onto how long it would be before I could even consider going back to work. Apparently this is a fun feature of the very end of mild COVID-19 cases? 

[actual photo of me yelling at my thermometer most of last week]

I'm currently hoping that MAYBE I will hit the 72 hour mark sometime on Thursday or Friday, be able to move my shipping equipment into the living room-slash-studio space (right now my shipping equipment lives in the front hallway and one of my housemates goes in and out of that door all the time - don't even get me started - so I'm considering everything in that space to be potentially contaminated) and literally rope off that room and sanitize the dickens out of everything on Friday or Saturday, and get finally back to work on Saturday or Sunday.

Once all that is done, I think I'll be able to ship things with extremely minimal risk of getting anybody sick from the contents of the packages - most orders take at least 1-2 days in transit anyway, so as long as you don't dig into the shinies until at least 72 hours have passed between getting the shipping notification and getting the actual package, the contents should be pretty safe. I know some of you may be thinking that I'm being overly paranoid about all of this, but... a very mild case of this thing knocked me totally flat over a week and will probably have me out of work for close to three weeks in the end, so I really, really, REALLY do not want to share it with anyone.

(The outside of the package is another matter - as always, I have absolutely no control over what happens to packages once I entrust them to the mercies of the USPS, so, uh... do whatever you're already doing to mitigate that particular risk, I guess?)

Dang but I miss the days when all I had to worry about was sending the right shiny to the right person and whether or not the package would go walkabout while in transit.

[actual photo of me yelling at people to wash their hands and stay home]

The good news is that aside from the migraine I've had yesterday (which is my own damn fault because I know perfectly well that eating that many Girl Scout cookies will give me a blistering migraine and I did it anyway) I'm feeling pretty much like myself again, and it's a gorgeous day outside so while I definitely shouldn't go for a walk around the block or anything, I can and WILL go start cleaning up the back yard in preparation for getting this year's garden started and possibly acquiring a small flock of chickens for the Tiny Evil Genius to raise.

(I want a llama but I'm pretty sure backyard llamas are frowned upon in densely populated neighborhoods like mine.)

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