Summer Flash Sale!

I uploaded item #1000 last night, and when I went to put away this week's work, I discovered that my inventory bins are quite literally overflowing. 

See that blue box in the middle? That's the stuff I can't fit into the inventory bins.

Let's take a closer look:


Summer is always a pretty slow time of the year for me - often so much so that I just take August off - but this year I've been all about getting back to my pre-parenting level of production, so June and July flew by and all of a sudden it's the middle of August and school is starting in two weeks (HALLELUJAH) and I have to start working on the autumn designs soon and wowza I've hit my inventory goals 9 weeks out of 10 so no wonder the bins are overflowing.

Anyway. I need to make room in the bins, so here's a flash sale: coupon code TOOHOT takes 20% off everything for the next three days. Go get yourself some back-to-school shinies!

(There's a LOT of new stuff. Have you seen the thermally-reactive color changing beads? Or the meteorites?)

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