Surprise Bargain Shinies!


My town has a three-day street festival and art show every summer, and while I haven't done shows since I got pregnant, Marketplace New England invited me to do demos in their booth. I spent a couple of hours there on Friday, pulling random beads out of my portable work kit and turning them into pendants while chatting with people passing by and some of the other artists. 

If you've ever watched me work, you know how fast I am... I made rather a lot of these little pieces, and the ones that didn't sell during the rest of the event came home with me yesterday, and now I'm offering them up to you for the same price as they were in the downtown: $20 each, or 2 for $35.

(Well, $17.50 each when you buy two or more - add two or more of these to your cart and use use coupon code MARKETDAYS to get the discount!)

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