the "it's almost October and I'm really tired" DIY clearance sale

I'm really unclear on how this happened, but somehow it's almost October and Yom Kippur is tomorrow and my kid has homework now (pass me the good scotch, please) which means there's a lot of whining (some of it is even from her) and... I am really tired, y'all. And you know what happens when I'm tired, right?

Yup, I do markdowns on shinies! Except only sorta this time. (Slippers is confused too, it's not just you, but it'll all make sense in a minute, keep reading.)

See, I've been meaning to go through the website and move a bunch of shinies into the clearance section, but that hasn't happened because, well, life. So we're going to do a DIY clearance sale for the next two days instead! It's like Choose Your Own Adventure, only it's Choose Your Own Discount.

  • Use coupon code DIY5 to take $5 off an order of $30+ OR
  • Use coupon code DIY15 to take $15 off an order of $75+ OR
  • Use coupon code DIY25 to take $25 off an order of $100+ AND get a free random shiny that's been languishing in the inventory drawers. Could be anything! You never know! (Probably won't be a cat.)


(I should make a fancy button or something but I'm too tired)

(Also you'll get free US shipping on any of those orders, because I dropped the free shipping threshold to $25 at some point and never got around to putting it back to $50. My absent-mindedness is definitely your gain.)

On a more serious note, I wrote a poem the day after Rosh Hashanah that seems to be resonating with people, so I thought I'd also share it here. There's additional commentary on it why I wrote it on my Patreon page, if you're curious.


And what if you can't forgive?
What if the wound cut too deep

to heal? If you suture yourself
back together often enough

eventually you'll stop noticing
the needle, you'll know exactly

how to tie the knots between 
your shoulder blades. Cut through

the threads like the tension in the air
after a thunderstorm no one else

seems to hear; it's not your fault
that the mercury keeps dropping 

out from under your feet. How many
more years can you keep carrying

 this guilt around in your throat?
How many times can you rebuild

a house made out of matchsticks
and silence? How many times

will you forgive your brokenness 
and call it your own fault, call it

keeping the peace, call it anything 
but its own name? The problem 

with hurricanes is that nobody 
believes the forecast until 

it's too late to leave. Fill your pockets 
with whatever burdens you can't carry, 

like bitterness and birdseed. Bring it all 
to the river. Sometimes you can't forgive 

anyone except G-d 
and yourself.

(P.S. I've been doing a poems-and-songs Patreon for a few months now and I'm even more awkward at promoting that than I am at promoting the shinies, but you could check it out if you want, and maybe tell your friends about it if they like that sort of thing?)

Okay, like I said, Yom Kippur is tired and I'm tomorrow... wait. Let's try that again: Yom Kippur is tomorrow and I'm tired and I'm going to bed now. I'll get as many orders as I can out tomorrow afternoon, but anything that has to be made (open edition earrings, neckvines, that sort of thing) will probably go out Monday morning.

See y'all in October.


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