Apparently I owe the IRS an extra $500. Which, okay, not the end of the world, because budgeting, but also not my idea of a good time. Grumble. 

(But hey, my newish anxiety meds are working, because I got the news from my accountant and just went "dammit, guess it's time to run a sale" instead of panicking for three hours. Yay for testing their efficacy, I guess?)

So! Coupon code TAXSALE takes $15 off $75+, through Sunday night. On everything except subscriptions, which... hm. I've been meaning to do a promotion on that too, what the heck. Hang on.

*pokes at settings*

Okay, now that code also gets you $10 off your first month of the Earring Club. Go on, you know you want earrings in your mailbox every month. All the cool kids are doing it...

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