time has lost all meaning

Me, every time I go to write the date at the top of a planner page: “…April? August? *looks at watch* WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN?”

Also me: “Why am I almost out of this medication, that was a 90 day fill that I just picked up… *looks at bottle* during the first week of August. Never mind.”

Y’all, time has lost all meaning. I know it’s autumn because my yard is covered in leaves and I had to turn on the heat and find my hoodies, but I could swear it was July like… yesterday? I am stubbornly attempting to ripen the last few tomatoes on my plants even though that means tossing an old sheet over them when there’s a frost warning, and (as is the tradition) scrambling at the last minute to figure out what I’m doing for the anniversary sale, which starts at midnight tomorrow.

In other news, after eight years of taking in lodgers (like many an impoverished gentlewoman before me) I am pleased to say that as of tonight Magpie House will revert to being a single-family home, and WS will soon be relocating from its current corner of the living room to an entire two rooms (!!!) upstairs. I’ve already moved my computer desk and shipping table up to a small room that had previously been used for storage and is now serving as my office, and once I paint and put down new flooring in the room that’s currently being vacated by the former occupants, that will be my studio. (With glorious western-facing windows!) I am looking forward to having an actual workbench again, and enough space to store ALL my supplies, rather than just the ones I use the most.

(I will also be turning my driveway into a vegetable garden come spring, which I’m sure will scandalize at least one of my neighbors, but personally I think it will be a vast improvement and am gleefully plotting how to build all sorts of trellises and cold frames and raised beds.)

The anniversary sale will start automatically at midnight tomorrow - pretty much everything will be 25% to start, no coupon code required, and I’m plotting some sort of $17 special in honor of WS turning 17. Expect mushy ramblings and assorted shenanigans as the week progresses!

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