Trick or Treat!

Throwback to that time when I was so punchy from sleep deprivation that I duct taped a package of frozen peas to a bucket and fake sunflowers to the back of the baby's onesie and announced that we were Plants Vs Zombies for Halloween...

I am mercifully much less sleep deprived these days (usually) but tonight I am going trick-or-treating in the rain which is going to be SUPER FUN but at least my kid is very good about keeping me bribed well-supplied with Reece's Cups.

Speaking of bribery treats, today is the last day to use the TRICK or TREAT coupon codes! TRICK gets you a tiny tricksy labradorite pendant with any order of $35 or more (and there are only a couple of those left so if you want one you shouldn't dawdle) and TREAT takes $20 off any order of $55 or more. This sale ends at 11:59pm Eastern Time tonight, although TRICK could end sooner if I run out of the labradorite pendants, which is a distinct possibility at this point.

(You can't combine them on the same order, but you CAN place two separate orders, should you be in the mood for lots of shinies. Just sayin'.)

And in the meantime, I will be over here working on this year's Bauble design, which goes live tomorrow. It greatly pains me to be contributing to the whole Christmas-decorations-on-sale-before-Thanksgiving thing, but people like to plan ahead with jewelry purchases, and a bunch of my customers don't live in the US and thus it can take upwards of a month for them to get their shinies, and replacing all the windows on the first floor of a 1900 Victorian is expensive, soooooo... this is me, contributing to the over-commercialization of holidays! 

(If it makes you feel better, I never get around to wrapping Hanukkah presents until about an hour before sunset on the first night...)

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