Website redesign!

Since I'm still spiking a fever at least once a day and can't go back to work yet, I needed to do SOMETHING, and... apparently that something was completely redoing the website? I figured this this is probably as good a time as I'm ever going to have to intentionally break things, since it's not like I'm seeing a ton of traffic at the moment.

I have a long list of things that I still need to fix, but it's reasonably functional right now, so feel free to poke around. The biggest problem at the moment is that signing up for subscriptions is extremely broken - I have a support ticket in, and if you're absolutely desperate to sign up for a subscription that I won't be able to ship until sometime next week anyway, let me know because I have a workaround.

The rest of my list is things like "commissions page is a hot mess" and "about page is even more of a hot mess" and then a bunch of nitpicky little things that probably nobody else would ever even notice, but it should keep me busy for a few days. 

This new layout also allows me to upload videos on individual products! The feature rolled out a few weeks ago but I couldn't get it to work on the old layout and gave up after a few attempts, but it works now and I am SO EXCITED. This is going to be really great for showing off stones that do nifty things with light, like this star diopside piece

I'll keep tinkering away at the site while I wait for my immune system to STFU about invaders - yesterday I managed to go 23 hours with no fever, so hopefully I'm nearly to the end of this nonsense. 

Oh, and Chag Sameach to anybody else celebrating - I completely forgot to obtain either a shankbone or a beet, so there was a milkbone on my Seder plate tonight, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about what my life is like at the moment.

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