Wednesday, with workbench... wait, no, it's Thursday.

Well, this week certainly has been... something. *stares in 2020*

Accordingly, I have declared today to be Productive Self Care Thursday! I need to stop doomscrolling (hopescrolling?) and thus I'm going to sit myself down at the workbench this morning and make some art just for the sake of making some art, and I'll livestream it on Facebook so anybody else who could use some nice soothing labradorite and opal and moonstone and so on can enjoy the shinies too. 

(Plus, brand new shinies immediately going on sale!)

In other news, I'm starting to ship orders from the sale, and I belatedly realized I should have said this earlier - if you're planning to try to snag more stuff once I start doing additional markdowns tomorrow, just let me know and I'll be happy to hold onto your first order and ship everything out together on Monday. Otherwise I'll continue working through the shipping queue in roughly first-come first-served order, with the next batch going out this afternoon.

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