Weekly Roundup: all systems *almost* normal

♫  Neaaaaaaaaar... faaaaaaaar... whereEVERRRRRR YOOOOU AREEEE... ♫

Okay, so apparently COVID-19 is way more of a [profanity redacted] than I realized, and while I've technically been recovered for several weeks, it turns out I'm not anywhere close to back to normal yet, and probably won't be for a while. Basically, I seem to have the option to work normally for 1-2 days before my body goes NOPE and forcibly sends me back to bed for 3-4 days... or I can scale back to about a third of my normal workload every day and have something vaguely approximating a life.

I don't like either option, but the second one is at least a lot less disruptive and painful, so I'm forcing myself to slow down. And I bought a hammock, because if I'm going to be forced into a long slow recovery with a lot of lying down, at least I can do it outside, because I am VERY tired of my bedroom at this point.

(Smol Panther likes the hammock, although she has a tendency to climb up to the very end of it to do a dramatic reenactment of the "my heart will go on" scene from Titanic, which I'm sure the neighbors enjoy.)

As a result, uh... there's not a lot to report? My friend Jennifer and I teamed up on a mask + matching jewelry project and the pre-order sold out twice in a matter of hours; once we get the first 60 masks + shinies shipped we'll probably do another one, because we keep finding fun fabrics that go with beads I either have or can get. Or maybe we'll do a subscription box? I don't know. I never expected to pivot in that particular direction, but such is life in 2020, apparently.

Oh wait, I did manage to do a few things in between migraines:

I am managing to stay more or less on top of shipping (mostly by giving up on housework) and expect the May Pretty Rocks Club to go out on time (the beads have already arrived and they're LOVELY) but things will be a little unpredictable until I get a better sense of what I can and can't do. I might run a little sale later in the month, or maybe release a garden-inspired "from the hammock" series? We'll see, I guess.

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