Weekly Roundup: end of year clearance sale starting early

(Stock photography is WEIRD sometimes, y'all.)

So over the weekend I took a look at my sales stats for the year, and I definitely did NOT get a little weepy I just have allergies, OKAY? I mean yes I'm on track to have my best year since 2007 (also known as the year when learned that I can NEVER EVER AGAIN have a studio space without windows because let me tell you spending every waking hour in a basement does NOT do good things for your mental health) and yes I have been seeing steady growth for the past few years and yes maybe I needed a handkerchief but DARNIT WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DUSTY ONIONS IN HERE?

...seriously, though, I am all up in my feelings right now, because this tiny little business that I started kinda by accident isn't just surviving anymore, it's THRIVING. There were a bunch of years when both the business and I were kinda barely hanging on by a thread, but during the divorce I dug my heels in and decided I was going to turn that around, and... here we are. Even in this absolute dumpster fire of a year. And I can't thank you enough for making that possible.

I can, however, start the end of year clearance sale much earlier than usual, and that's exactly what I'm doing today. Because one way or another I'm going to marking stuff down to get the inventory bins to be a whole lot emptier by the time we kick 2019 to the curb, sooo... I might as well let those of you who are still shopping for holiday gifts take advantage of the inevitable discounts. 

As of now, just about everything is 25% off. (Subscriptions, $5 earrings & pendants, custom work, neckvines, and intent pendants are excluded, as are gift bags and earwire upgrades.) No code necessary, the discounted prices will show up in your cart automatically. At some point I'll increase the discount to 30%, then to 35%, and probably on the 31st it'll go to 40% because why not? I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to pounce on your favorites now or take your chances that they'll still be there later...

And seriously: THANK YOU. I'm headed into 2020 with a whole lot of optimism and a super exciting new subscription program and a bunch of Mysterious Plans that hopefully I will finally be able to follow through on now that I'm on ADHD meds (*cough*TUTORIALS*cough*KITS*cough*LESSONS*cough*) and I really hope it will be a fantastic year for all of us. 

(There probably won't be a lot in the way of new shinies going up on the website for the rest of this month because this week I'm focusing on getting orders out the door as quickly as possible  - and by the way if you're buying Christmas presents the deadline is this coming Wednesday - and then I'll be shifting my focus to Mysterious Plans and getting the Pretty Rocks Club up and running and somewhere in there I plan to nap for about three days.)

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