Weekly Roundup, end-of-year edition


We have officially reached the part of the year where retail workers everywhere just... flop. Which is why this week's roundup is actually looking ahead to things that haven't happened yet, because pretty much all I've done this week is sleep and eat. Yesterday I got REALLY ambitious and did my nails but then I needed an extra nap.

Firstly: the end of year clearance sale is currently at 35% off! No coupon code needed, the discount automatically shows up in your cart. Subscriptions, custom work, neckvines, intent pendants, and $5 earrings/pendants are excluded, but pretty much everything else is fair game. The discount will go up to 40% in the wee sma' hours of the 30th (by which I probably mean "around 9pm, because I'm old") and depending on how much sugar my muppet visitor (of "NO, K" infamy for those of you who follow either/both of us on Twitter) and I consume on New Year's Eve, it might go even higher in the last few hours of 2019. 

Secondly: you have precisely, uh... *consults phone because what even is linear time* four more days to get in on the Pretty Rocks Club before subscription signups close at midnight on the 31st! If you miss the deadline or aren't into commitment, you'll also be able to purchase individual months for $30/$50 on the website once each month has been shipped to subscribers, but it's going to be pretty darn awesome so I highly recommend subscribing if you can fit it into your budget.

(Seriously, I shrieked when I opened the package containing the black sunstone I ordered for January. And then the short person came over to see why I was shrieking at beads, and then both of us were shrieking, and shortly thereafter I realized I made a major tactical mistake by inviting the muppety one to visit at the same time as these beads will be in my house and I'm hoping that maybe if I give her one of her very own to lick the rest will escape unscathed?)

Thirdly: last year I Did A Thing where people gave me a word or intention that they wanted to carry into the new year and I stayed up all night on New Year's Eve making those intentions into jewelry. I'm going to do it again this year, except without the staying up all night part. (See also "I'm old" and "pretty sure I will faceplant into a candle if I try") This year I'm calling it "As You Mean To Go On" and signups are now open! I plan to start working on these pieces as soon as I toss the muppet onto her bus on January 1st or whenever I wake up enough to be coherent, whichever happens first.

(I finally figured out how to easily organize signups into one place! This is going to make Instant Gratification so much easier in the future! Also wow I am slow on the uptake sometimes because Google Forms has apparently been a thing since 2008 and yet I have been struggling with how to centralize signups ever since LiveJournal died and this literally NEVER OCCURRED TO ME until about an hour ago.)

Fourthly... uh, I forget what this was supposed to be and I can't read the notes I scribbled in my planner. Hopefully it wasn't important?

Oh! Now I remember! It was the traditional Very Angry Cat In Santa Hat photo, because I originally meant to post this on Monday when that would have been vaguely relevant and seasonal. But here, have it anyway! 

(No, there will never be a version of this photo featuring Smol Panther because I value my spleen. Slippers is dumb enough to have forgotten all about this by the time he was back inside the house. Smol Panther holds grudges until the end of time.)

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