Weekly Roundup: HOLO stickers and a tiny flash sale

Okay, so first let's talk about the REALLY important news: I HAVE HOLO STICKERS. They are very very shiny and I quite literally shrieked when I opened the package yesterday and basically if you took an opal and made it into a sticker with my logo on it this would be the result. Also photos do not really capture the glorious rainbow effect so here's a video: 

AHEM. I did not just watch that video seven times in a row while also admiring the stickers in real life. Nope. That wasn't me. I don't know what you're talking about and you can't prove anything.

The next 49 packages I ship will get one of these!

(One per person, so ordering 49 times will not get you 49 stickers, sorry; if you love them that much, I'll just send you the image file and you can get them from StickerMule, which would be much more cost-effective for both of us. Also I'm slightly concerned as to why you would want that many stickers of my logo but I won't judge you because they are really really shiny.)

Also I decided to do a quick flash sale: coupon code HOLO takes $5 off any order of $30+ until 8 am eastern time on Friday morning. Which is not coincidentally the shipping deadline for getting your shinies in a predictable timeframe, because any orders that don't go out by Saturday February 3rd will be delayed until I'm back at work, and nobody has any idea when that will be because some people say they're just fine in a matter of days and others say it takes months of bedrest to recover from this surgery! So very exciting not knowing what to expect!

Speaking of not knowing what to expect, I was PLANNING to make all of the Pretty Rock Club subscriptions this weekend so somebody else can ship them for me if I'm not back on my feet by the 15th, but one of the two suppliers I ordered the charoite from sent me absolutely horrible dyed beads and we have had WORDS  because when I order "AA natural charoite" I expect to get exactly that, not something that looks like it might have been mined near a charoite deposit and then soaked in grape koolade. I have since ordered replacements from a different supplier, and it shipped yesterday and the tracking says it SHOULD get here on Friday but it's the post office so WHO KNOWS? 

Other news: I'm running at about half my usual speed because I've been off ibuprofen for a week and a half and EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE, but I'm still managing to get in a little workbench time, and a bunch of it was spent making these really neat vintage paper bead earrings, which are all about unusual-for-me color combinations and the interplay of balance and symmetry. Also I let the Tiny Evil Genius go bead shopping and the results were pretty much exactly what you'd expect, and she's planning to make some earrings tonight so keep an eye out for that if you like eye-wateringly bright colors:

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