weekly roundup: how the heck is it August?

I don't even know anymore, y'all. I just don't. 

So, HI! I'm still alive. More or less. Still recovering from COVID, still coughing a lot (apologies to the people I scared on one of my last livestreams, I promise I was not actually anywhere near as close to dying as I apparently sounded) and still making shinies as best I can. Here's a quick roundup of various things of note at the moment: 

  • Since it's August, I'm about to start working on autumn-themed shinies - I have some gorgeous new leaf beads that are starting to make an appearance on the website this week, and lots of garnets and carnelian and other pretties will be showing up soon too.

  • The medicinal plants fabric has shipped and should be arriving today! Which means the mask sewing will shortly commence, and I'm already at work on the shinies. We don't have an ETA on shipping them out to you yet, but it won't be too much longer.

  • (If you thought you missed out on the pre-order, there are actually still a couple left in stock, plus I have a few set aside for a waitlist once I pack up all the pre-orders, just like last time.)
  • Speaking of masks, you can vote for the next round!

  • Speaking of shipping... uh, you probably already know about the nonsense happening with the USPS, and if you haven't already pestered your government officials about Doing Something, may I recommend ResistBot? So far I haven't had too many issues *knocking on wood with fingers and toes crossed* but lots of my colleagues are having major problems with delays and missing packages. As always, I stand behind my orders - if something doesn't get to you, I'll ask you to wait a reasonable amount of time and maybe check with your neighbors and your local post office while you're waiting, and if that doesn't turn it up I'll work with you to make things right.

  • (But seriously, go nag your congresscritters, because this is Some Nonsense.)

  • Pretty Rocks Club will be shipping by the end of the week if all goes well - this month's theme is forbidden bacon rhodochrosite. It will be available for individual purchase either over the weekend or early next week, and you can also still purchase previous months if they haven't sold out - they'll be staying up through January 2021, at which point they'll all come down and any leftover materials will go into my normal bead inventory.

  • Pretty Rocks Club will also definitely return in 2021 - I have most of the year already planned out, with themes ranging from fossils to "stuff with stuff in it" and "disappointing opals" and at least two months of NO LICK! - one will involve potentially toxic stones and the other will be stones that will give you tongue splinters. Subscription signups will open on or around December 1st, although you might just see a really good deal on a very limited number of pre-paid subscriptions during the anniversary sale in November...

  • My memory is way worse than usual these days and my brain damage/ADHD management tricks are only going so far, so if I owe you an email or you haven't heard from me about a commission or something, please feel free to bug me about it! I won't mind the nudge at all (and will in fact probably be very grateful) and I do apologize if I've dropped the ball on something with you - I am definitely slowly getting better, but it's a two steps forward one and a half steps back kind of recovery.
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