...more or less, anyway. Surgery went great once it finally went, and as I'd hoped my pain levels are way down from what they were before, although it's a little hard to tell for sure because I was in a compression binder for 48 of the most uncomfortable hours of my life and multiple ribs decided that was their cue to wander around like the Israelites in the desert or something and OW WHY EVEN ARE BODIES. But my chiropractor will fix that this afternoon! 

(actual photo of me being bored this past weekend)

As you may have seen on Twitter, I am SO BORED.  SO SO SO SO VERY BORED. I'm in that awful in-between part of recovery where I feel mostly fine but then I try to do things and my body is all NOPE DON'T LIKE THAT and my attention span is all LOL YOU'RE OFF YOUR RITALIN, but I will shortly be brandishing pliers from bed so if you've ordered (or want to order) the stand-alone February Pretty Rocks Club I'll be working on those today plus the handful of Earring Club and Six Months of Shinies (pssssst both of those are open to new subscribers right now) orders that came in while I was being VERY VERY BORED. 

(Although I did finally watch Star Trek: Picard and have started catching up on Madam Secretary, and that plus knitting kept me from completely losing my mind over the weekend. Mostly. Sorta.)

I plan to resume shipping tomorrow, and from here on out I'm anticipating a fairly normal shipping schedule but with a slightly longer-than-usual turnaround time. If you need something by a certain date, let me know and I'll tell you if it's possible; it probably is but Priority Mail might need to be involved. Subject to change at any moment, because again, WHY EVEN ARE BODIES?

There's honestly not much else to report at the moment (because my life is REALLY BORING) unless you want to see the shawl I'm knitting? The pattern is called Tilting Tardis and I've made more progress on it in the past couple of days than I have in, uh, years:

Okay! Onward! Pliers! Wire! Less boredom! 

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