Well, this certainly has been a WEEK, and it's only... Tuesday? I think? I'm honestly not sure anymore.

On Sunday I discovered that it's pretty much impossible for me to panic about the world ending if I'm livestreaming - a side effect of becoming a professional performer in your teens is apparently getting a permanent THE SHOW MUST GO ON switch installed somewhere in your brain - and since a few people told me they found it equally soothing to watch me doing things with wire and pretty rocks, and because I am a person who needs to be doing SOMETHING, I have decided that from here on out I will be LIVESTREAMING ALL THE THINGS. 

(All the workbench things, anyway. The rest of my life is fairly boring, especially right now.)

With the help of a very patient borrowed teenager I was eventually able to figure out how to set up an actual over-the-workbench webcam and get a video stream up and running to both Facebook Live and Twitch at the same time, which still confuses me greatly, but it seems to be working? Although streaming to two places at once has led to some hilarity because people talk to me on both platforms and I answer out loud which resulted in me suddenly yelling "NO LICK!!" yesterday and half the people watching were VERY confused until I explained that someone in a different chat had threatened to lick the beads.

So if the real world is stressing you out, feel free to come hang out with me! There are lots of pretty rocks and occasional non sequiturs and sometimes there are cats, and usually I have mellow music on in the background and I tend to sing along which apparently is also soothing? I don't know, I just work here.

Right now I don't have a fixed schedule but I usually work between 9am and 5pm on weekdays and have been popping online any time I think I'll be at the workbench for at least half an hour. I'll try to add some weekend and evening times as well, with the caveat that anything between 6pm and 9pm will involve a lot of PLEASE EAT YOUR DINNER and PLEASE GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH and YOU HAD PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITY TO GET A SNACK BEFORE IT WAS BEDTIME, YOU CAN HAVE BREAKFAST IN THE MORNING and possibly also whiskey once I'm allowed to drink again.

In other news, shipping is back to close to normal and Pretty Rocks Club has shipped and will be available for individual purchase tomorrow, and I am very tired from a long day of yelling NO LICK!! and YES YOU HAVE TO FINISH YOUR SCHOOLWORK BEFORE CAN YOU PLAY MINECRAFT and PLEASE BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH TOOTHPASTE THIS TIME so I'm going to become horizontal and unconscious for a while. 

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