Weekly Roundup: Quarantine Edition

So today is basically just a repeat of last week, which is good because today was a hair washing day and since I haven’t bothered with anything more than throwing my damp hair into a bun since... uh, mid-January? I decided to actually Do My Hair today and thus my entire morning involved arguing with my hair and styling implements. (I am in fact typing this on my phone with one hand while the other hand is doing the diffusing thing in hopes that my hair will be mostly dry by bedtime.) Also I may have lost an argument with a towel and I don’t want to talk about it. 

ANYWAY. Hi. Even for a self-employed homeschooling introvert like me this quarantine thing is starting to get a little old (and wow do we need to upgrade our internet) but I have books and beads! And I can still order even more beads as long as I quarantine and/or sanitize the packages upon arrival!

So, yeah, still livestreaming on both Facebook and Twitch, still making lots of shinies and putting them on the website, finally put the March Pretty Rocks Club live last night, and I’m consistently able to pull full workdays now so shipping is back to normal although things may take longer in transit because, y’know, toilet paper. 

Okay. My hair STILL isn’t dry but my arm is tired and I’m running out of things to say, so I’m going to go to work now and if you want to come giggle at my  ridiculous 80s-style crunchy curls (yes I do use approximately half a bottle of gel each time I do this, thanks for asking) while they air dry the rest of the way over the next six hours, I’ll be turning the livestream on momentarily. 

[three. hours. later.]

...or actually it turns out I needed to go wrestle with Comcast and my router a whole lot because our internet connection was so bad that I could barely load my own website much less run a livestream and WARGARBL WHY ARE COMPUTERS ANYWAY. I need to go ship stuff before the snow gets serious, but first I need to make a pair of earrings so I might as well see if streaming will work now?

...and my hair still isn't fully dry, so you can still giggle at it. 

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