wishlists are here!

"Uh oh. Adding a wishlist option on your website is simultaneously a brilliant and very dangerous idea." - an astute customer who noticed I was tinkering with the website yesterday


I had a migraine for basically a week straight, which meant I spent a lot of time in bed, which meant I did a bunch of tinkering with the website. (Screens don't bother me when I have a migraine, but being upright does. Although I'm not sure working on the website was the smartest idea I've ever had, since dealing with .css gives me a raging headache...) Wishlists are something I've been meaning to implement for, uh, years now. Hooray for finally having enough downtime (literally) to make that happen, I guess? 

As you can see in the screenshot, it's pretty simple: there's an "add to wishlist" link under the "add to cart" button on every product, and you can view your wishlist by clicking on the link up at the top of the page. 

Once you've got a bunch of shinies on your wishlist, you can email it to people, share it on social media, or just use it to drool at things that you want. You can add sold out items as well - and if somebody wants to get you a present but everything on your list is sold out, I'll be happy to help them find something similar in stock or talk about a custom piece based on what you've got on your list.

I also enabled chat functionality via Facebook Messenger, which you can access by clicking on the blue button in the lower right-hand corner of the website: 

It seems to work reasonably well, and I guess you can also browse and buy things directly from Messenger? IDK, I'm a dinosaur sometimes. But you can ask me questions that way if you don't want to chase down my contact info, and I'll reply anywhere from instantly to some number of hours later, depending on whether or not I'm asleep.

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