Wyrding Studios is 13!

Thirteen years, y'all. That's a whole lot of shinies.

I am still slightly jetlagged and possibly a bit sick (the jury is still out on whether the scratchy throat is just the consequences of singing too much or the inevitable result of being on an airplane full of audibly contagious people for several hours) but thanks to the miracles of caffeine, sudafed, tea, and peanut butter cookies I am now caught up on shipping, just in time for me to run a sale. 

(Reminder: I don't do Black Friday sales, so this is an excellent chance to grab cheap shinies for all your holiday gift-giving purposes!)

Now through November 13th, coupon code WS13 takes 31% off almost everything on the website. (Subscriptions, custom pieces, and $13 mystery items are the exceptions.) I'll be adding some other deals over the next few days, like $13 clearance items, and at some point (maybe Friday or Saturday?) there will be a $13 Instant Gratification session because why not?

...oh yes, and there are $13 opal pendants, which is one heck of a deal: 


[insert smushy love note here] 

No, but seriously: thank you. I couldn't have done this without you. Y'all are the best customers/fans/friends a person could have, and I am so very grateful to still be doing this 13 years after I jumped off that cliff.

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