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$5 Themed Grab Bags

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  • Give me a prompt - a stone, a color, a mood, a word, a line of poetry, a specific purpose - and I’ll pick out a handful of beads and/or stones for you. You’ll get at least $5 worth of goodies at retail bead store prices, and you could get literally ANYTHING from my enormous stash of supplies. It's basically a larger version of my $1 Surprise! offering, only a little less random. 

    If you’re asking for a specific stone, there’s a small chance that I won’t have enough of it on hand to make an interesting bag; in that case I'll add other things that go well with the stone you requested. (In the unlikely event that I don't have ANY of what you want, I'll contact you and ask for a second choice.) If you don’t want animal products- bone, shell, pearl, coral, etc -I’m happy to exclude those; just put a note to that effect. 

    Bags are 2”x3” and are filled by value, not volume - the "Really Old Stuff" and "Labradorite" bags in the photos are good examples of that in action.

    No additional discounts apply to this item. 

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