An Alphabet of Transportation

I was rummaging through my box of vintage transit tokens and happened to notice that I had ones with "B" and "C" and that prompted me to look to see if I had any with "A" too... and to my great delight I did. And then they sat on my workbench for a few days, until I realized that these slightly odd shades of glass beads needed to go into the necklace, and, well.
It's about 20" long as shown, but I can shorten or lengthen it - if you want it shorter than about 17" I'll have to start removing beads from the very ends, it kind of got away from me when I was making it, but I'd say it could even go down to 14" and still look good, or up to about 24. It should fall somewhere just above the collarbone, not as a choker, I think.

$ 95.00