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Atlantis Rising (personal collection)

Atlantis Rising (personal collection)

Agate slice with druzy center, ocean jasper, iolite, quartz crystal, glass, pearls, silver wire. Inspired by the last poem I wrote before the brain tumor took poetry away for a decade, there were two distinct styles of pendants in the Atlantis Rising series: smaller pieces with an oval ocean jasper focal and a scattering of pearls and iolite, and enormous “hood ornament” pendants built around agate slices with ocean jasper, quartz, iolite, pearls, and other aquatic stones for accents. I think this is the second piece I ever made in the later style. The wire is slightly discolored and I’d suggest handling it with a little bit of care. I’m pretty sure this is from very early 2006.


Neckine sold separately.

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