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Be The Resistance You Want To See In The World

Be The Resistance You Want To See In The World

Yesterday's accidental new technique/design idea + talking with friends about the White Rose resistance movement over dinner last night + needing to do SOMETHING other than be paralyzed with despair = these shinies.

I have enough materials on hand to make at least half a dozen of these pendants, and can get more of the beads easily enough, so I'm calling this an open edition with no quantity limit. They are $45 each, with $10 from each one going to the ACLU, and each one will be unique, but very similar to the ones you see here. Please allow an extra day or two for orders containing this item, as each one is hand-made.

(I also have several kinds of white rose beads en route, and those will be made into earrings at price points between $10 and $25, with a significantly higher percentage of the proceeds going to the ACLU; those should be available early next week.)

If you like the idea of the White Rose symbolism, allow me to also recommend my friend Kate's canvas patches, available for a mere $6 or $12: you can buy them here. 

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