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Change Earwires

$ 2.00

Change Earwires

$ 2.00

Need something other than my usual sterling silver french hooks (or in the case of the $5 surprise earrings, silver-plated french hooks) on your new earrings? I'm happy to switch out your earwires to any of these variations:

  • Titanium french hooks: my go-to for people with severe metal allergies. Silvery-grey, slightly matte finish. Titanium is an inert metal and it's pretty rare for someone to react to it. If you have really sensitive skin, try these. (Sorry, the price of titanium shot through the roof this year, so I had to raise the price on these. I'll lower it if I can ever find a cheaper source again.)

  • Surgical steel french hooks: some people find this works best for them, others (including me) find they react just as badly or worse than sterling. Silvery-grey, shiny. You probably already know if you need these.

  • Silver-plated leverbacks: if you lose earrings a lot and/or hate wrestling with the little plastic thingies and/or have hair that likes to eat earrings, you want these. Bright silver, may tarnish but can be polished. I have moderately irritable earlobes and wear these on a daily basis with absolutely no issues; YMMV. 

  • Sterling silver kidney wires: most people hate these, but eh, I have six pairs left from a custom order about a decade ago, I might as well try to get rid of them. Bright silver. Kinda hard to close, pinchy if you have thick earlobes, and you WILL lose them if you aren't really careful to close them every time you take off your earrings ASK ME HOW I KNOW.

  • Sterling silver french hooks: my default on most of the earrings I make, but if you're getting the $5 surprise earrings and you want to upgrade from silver-plated to solid sterling, here you go! Bright silver.
  • 14k gold-filled french hooks: a thick plating of 14k gold over... I don't know what, actually. The next best thing to solid gold, and a big step up from the somewhat questionable "gold" earwires I normally use. Go with these if you're getting gold, copper, or brass earrings and know that your ears are fussy about metals of dubious composition. 

Also by special request, clip-on earring thingies in two flavors:

  • Silver-plated clip-ons: for those of you who prefer your ears without holes in them. Pinchy, but, uh, that's kinda the point. Slightly antiqued silver over brass, supposedly nickel-free but I make no promises about reactivity.

  • Silver-plated screw-back clip-ons: your grandma probably had these. Also pinchy, but adjustably so! Bright silver over brass, no mention of nickel but labeled as lead-free so you probably won't die if you lick them. (Please do not lick them.)

(Available by special order at various prices: niobium french hooks in both silvery-grey and bright colors; gold-filled  leverbacks; gold-colored, copper-colored, or brass leverbacks; and sterling silver leverbacks. Basically, if they make it and you want it I can probably get it. If you really have a lot of money you want to get rid of I can order 14k solid gold french hooks and leverbacks but I'mma need a deposit on that.)

The prices are per PAIR of earrings; if you're ordering multiple pairs of earrings and want different types hooks on some of them, please add a note at checkout telling me which pair should get which hooks.

If you would like me to retrofit your entire earring collection, I'm happy to do that, and will quote you a price based on how many pairs you have and what earwires you want me to use. Please email me to discuss it and get my mailing address.


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